Pika-pika! – Bahala Na Si Batman

2 08 2011

Caught in a pickle? Bite off more than you can chew? Crap hit the fan? Thinking of eating that balut? In love with Katy Perry but you’re not Russell Brand? Well, if you don’t know what to do, then listen in!  Cris and Mickey talk about this odd, yet interesting, Filipino expression!

[audio http://kalyespeak.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/pika-pika-bahala-na-si-batman.mp3]

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Pika Pika! – Ang Bait Mo Naman!

26 04 2010

Why, thank you, you’re so kind! Ever the polite language, Filipino can actually be used sarcastically, as is often the case with this phrase, “ang bait mo naman!” Listen in as Cris, Mickey and Jovitt discuss this ubiquitous phrase.

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Pika-pika! – Yiheeeeeee!

30 09 2009

Pika-pika Yihee

Ever notice that something romantic’s a-brewing between two of your friends? Ever see the subtle touches on the shoulder, the intimate whispers, the exceedingly awkward politeness? Ever want to put them on the spot?! Well, in this Pika-pika, you’ll learn how! With just one annoying word (can it even be considered a word?!), you’ll be putting romantic issues of others out in the open (or even make romantic issues out of nothing!). So, listen in and master the art of the perfectly-timed ‘Yihee!’.


Please pray for all those hit by the floods brought about by Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy).

Extra Ispesyal Pika-Pika! – Lasing Ako! (With Special Guest Beth!)

26 08 2009

EI Pika-pika lasingWe know, we know,  Pika-pika’s usually a once-a-month thing… but not this month – especially with this EXTRA SPECIAL PIKA-PIKA! Listen in as Kalyespeak finally tackles the “L” word and Cris talks about his upcoming foray in Beijing! And if that’s not enough, we have our very first guest – all the way from New York! Ispesyal na ispesyal! :)



Pika-Pika! – Susmaryosep!

13 08 2009

Pika-pika susmaryosepEver arrive home and find your kid doing something he isn’t supposed to be doing? Ever had a bad day at work, get stuck 5 hours in ridiculous traffic, and get a text message that your boss wants you to come back for overtime? Ever been flabbergasted and wanting for a Filipino expletive to express yourself? Well, here it is! But unlike other languages, it’s not a dirty word – in fact, it’s a call to the high heavens. Listen in as the Kspeak trio invoke the family of all families in this peculiar Filipino expression!


Pika Pika! – Merienda Tayo!

9 07 2009

Pika-pika meriendaNeed a break? Have a banana cue! Filipinos love to eat so much that in-between meals are part of our culinary culture. What do we call it? Merienda! In this lesson, we’re giving you another excuse to go out and have a break – because we know you can never have too much of that. Learn this short phrase and you’ll be able to invite a friend to come along.


Pika-Pika – Anong Pangalan Mo?

17 06 2009

Pika-pika PangalanWe’ve all known each other for quite some time and fortunately we’ve all been courteous enough to introduce ourselves. But what if you encounter a stranger, a little lost kid, or a duwende perhaps? I’m sure they won’t be going all James Bond with their names. So in order to get the ball rolling in the friendship and familiarity department, here’s a quick lesson on asking someone’s name



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