Newbs – Take Out! Pabalot!

12 06 2011

Eating out and realized that you ordered too much? That leftover lechon sure is looking good for breakfast tomorrow. But what to do, what to say? Well, in this month’s Kspeak lesson, Cris and Mickey will teach you how to say “take out!” faster than you can say “wow, sarap!” Razi, Bernice, and Jovitt also talk about “takaw mata” in the culture portion.

A: Ang dami pang tira!
B: Pabalot na lang kaya natin?
A: Sige, sabihin mo sa ate!
B: Ate, pabalot!

A: There’s so much leftovers!
B: You think we should take it home?
A: Yeah!! Tell the waitress!
B:  Miss! Please have this wrapped for take out!

Music: Tikman by Sugarfree (we don’t own the music but we love it!)


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4 responses

14 06 2011

I found this lesson very useful. Great material. Thanks guys! By the way, I’m not sure when the next episode will be released, but could I get a shout out to my girlfriend? It’ll be our 6th monthsary July 18th. I’d really appreciate it. She thinks guys are so funny.

14 06 2011

Oh and her name is Shelley. Thanks again!

17 10 2013

Not sure if you guys are on here anymore, but just wanted to say I’m finding your podcasts pretty awesome! Im so bad at learning or picking up languages, but I find your podcasts practical and good. Im a 24 year old Australian girl working here for a while. Just want to get to a point where I can understand conversations around me. Thanks guys!

18 10 2013

Hey!! Visit our Facebook page (kalyespeak) and follow us on twitter @kalyespeak :) so you can supplement our podcasts! :) hopefully we can record soon and have new podcasts out -Mickey

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