Newbs – Checking the Taxi Meter. Gumagana.

2 11 2010

Getting around Manila is easy, but getting around without being cheated by the taxi driver is another matter. In this long-overdue Kalyespeak lesson (sorry for the delay guys!), we’ll learn from Mickey and Jovitt how to check if the taxi meter is actually working! Razi and Paulo join in and share their tips on taking a taxi around Manila.

A: Bos, gumagana ba metro mo?
B: Oo, bakit?
A: Ang mahal kasi eh.
B: Tama yan, traffic eh.

A: Sir, is your taxi meter working?
B: Yes, why?
A: It’s so expensive.
B: That’s correct, it’s just really traffic.

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Music: Slip by Kjwan

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7 responses

3 11 2010

Hey guys, long time no see. Glad to see you back. What a wonderful show you have here today. Especially when you mention my name (Ha Ha Ha ). Hey,got a little bad news for you. The shout out was wonderful(Maraming Salamat for that),however, maybe the timing is a little off. You see, she stopped talking to me about 5 months ago.Yikes(4 years down the drain huh?)….Well, I know you guys haven’t been doing episodes due to school and testing and all that. Hope you did well on your tests.I am confident you did.So ,tell me,what do ya think? Should I rent a Taxi to do your episode on video?? lol. Just a thought(since you seemed to like the last one) hehehehe!!!!

The Boys and Girls of Kalyespeak are back folks,lets hear it for them.

3 11 2010

Hey guys, don’t feel too badly for me, I have met someone else,and she lives right in your area. I want to visit her this coming summer(June) if I can make that happen,I’d love to meet you all then. I have talked with her about it,and she would love to meet you too.Her Name? Rose Jane. ;)

3 11 2010

There is a song that goes something like,Breaking up is hard to do. So, perhaps your next lesson can be about break ups. Its easy when she does the work for you HAHA.Gotta keep a sense of humor in times like that.

3 11 2010

Hey guys, there is a song that goes like this. Breaking up is hard to do. Perhaps your next lesson can be about break ups.

Ya know, its easy when she does all the work for you HAHA,Gotta keep a sense of humor in times like that :)

24 12 2010

Hey guys. long time no lesson. You haven’t given up on the lessons have you?

I really enjoy your antics,and hope to hear a lot more. Hope your all fine,and wishing you all Merry Christmas,and Happy New Year.

25 12 2010

hey steve! we’ve been quite busy the past few months! but we’ll surely be back come January 2011! Merry Christmas to you! :)

25 12 2010

Love Kalye Speak, glad to hear you all ok,and will be back sometime in January. Take Care Guys and Galls.

Still planning (hoping) to make that trip to Manila this June. Hope I can meet with you all for Lunch,and some fun online :)

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