Tara Lets – Camarines Sur!

23 07 2009

Cam Sur copy


This month, we join in as Mickey and Jovitt talk about the up and coming tourist favorite – Camarines Sur, better known as CamSur. The culture vulture talks about his trip to this Southern Luzon province and his adventures wakeboarding and kneeboarding in the CamSur Water Complex. So, tara, let’s go to CamSur!

Check out the PDF for helpful translations of the show!

Want to go to CamSur yourself? Head to their website here!

We are grateful to the music of Imago! Galing niyo! No copyright infringement intended. If you like the music, go and support OPM by buying the song legally online or in your nearest music store!



6 responses

26 07 2009

So ‘malaman’ is the future tense of ‘alam’? Can you say anything else about that? Also, in that song ‘TARALETS’, can you please translate that line: “‘Di ka na mabibigo”? I thought they were saying, “‘Di ka na ba BEBE KO” !! Hehe!

26 07 2009

Hi Dan!

Hmm, not exactly.. “Malaman” is actually the infinitive form of “alam”, so i guess it proprely translates to “to know”. In the PDF, “Gusto ko ring malaman…” translates to “I also want to know…” so that’s how it works.

“Di ka na mabibigo.” roughly translates to “You will no longer fail” or “You will no longer get disappointed”. So since “taralets” is slang for “let’s go!”, the start of the song sort of means “Let’s go! You will not be disappointed!”

Hope that helps!

27 07 2009

O syempre, Kris- salamat ho! Perhaps you could translate the phrase, “then I will know” nalang? Tapos na malaman ako (??) Tapos malaman sakin (???)

29 07 2009

Ohh, looks like malalaman, diba? Tagalog verb conjugation makes me crazy. Sana suddenly everything will snap into place for me… if I don’t die of old age hehe.

29 07 2009

“Then I will know.” roughly translates to “Pagkatapos, malalaman ko na.” Pagkatapos has the same meaning as “after blah blah blah”, and malalaman is the future conjugation for malaman. :)

Don’t beat yourself up with the conjugations. It’s all about practice.

Wish I practiced some more though with my Spanish conjugations, now that’s tough. Hahaha

2 11 2009

maganda talaga ang camarines sur.. u don’t need na to go to other places or to travel because here in bicol makakakita ka ng mga beautiful places… like ng caramoan peninsula, hidden paradise ito ng camarines sur!!!!!!! i”m proud to be a bicolano!!!! mabuhay tayong lahat bicolanos!!! thank you po…

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